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Tout is a design studio based in Tirane, Albania. Our projects range from brand Identity, illustrations, package design, advertising to social media managment. We passionately believe that with our creative thinking and our clients collaboration we can transform ideas into memorable brand identites. We use the power of design to create distinctive brands that are meaningful and iconic, putting people at the center of the brand experience to deliver real impact. Our objective is always effectiveness and our strategy is extraordinary design.



Branding & Rebranding

Logo Design 

Logo Design + alternation with services

Main font / Typography

Color palette

Pattern / Texture

Icon System

Logo usage guide



Packaging Design

Complete packages


3D images


Business Collateral

Business card

Envelope (A4 and DL)

Badge seal

Cardboard Folder

Email stamp  (signature)

Logging of uniforms

Letterhead + other stationary

SMM and Content Creation

Creation and plannig of an attractive content

Brand posts with your logo / website

Attractive captions for each post

Use of high quality images

Web Design

Design and layout Websites

Design simple pages and create mockups

Work in Adobe programs  for visuals, graphic or animations

Photo & Video

Photography Sessions

Image Editing


Reels Content

Our Customers


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